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Content is from the site's 2010 - 2016 archived pages as well as from other outside sources.

Sadly Yelpers report that the Persia Restaurant - Santa Clarita has closed.


A Taste of Persia 

Let me introduce you to a place on earth with great ancient history. A place that brings you tales of Great Kings, tales of 7000 years civilization, unique archaeology and architecture of ancient cities. Magnificent literature, poetry and art. Azure skies, vibrant reds, greens, oranges, yellows and purples of flowers and a place of wonderfully hospitable people. The home of the finest carpets ever made and treasures of dynasties. 

Let Me Introduce You To Persia

Persia and the countries bordered by the Mediterranean Sea produce some of the finest food the world has to offer. In many ways these countries are completely different from each other, but one thread links them all  the love of good food.

Persia Restaurant offers you an experience of great taste and style. The Persian and Mediterranean cuisine with a contemporary touch is a true pleasure for the eye and palate. Discover delectable subtleties from the food of the sun. We hope to bring you a true taste of Persian and Mediterranean food.

About Persia Restaurant


Our rice is cooked in a two step process. In our first process, we get rid of the starch by boiling the rice for a certain period of time. In the second, we make our rice nice and fluffy by steaming the rice for an extended period of time. Our cooking method; combined with the very best Basmati Rice, and seasoning Saffron, makes for an irresistible taste.

“For the kabob marinating we use lime, lemon, onion and olive oil; all high in anti oxidants. We use no tenderizers and the color and flavor come from and expensive spice Saffron!”

By having a variety of Kabobs, e.g. Lamb, Beef, Chicken, and Salmon, we give our customers great selection all while keeping them happy and healthy. Rice is also offered in a variety of different flavors such as Sour Cherry rice, Barberry rice, Meat w/Cut Green Beans Rice, and Lima beans w/Dill rice.

RiceAll the appetizers are very healthy, containing herbs, fresh vegetables, beans, and spices. Our Sumac spice, which is a very high anti oxidants, is served on the table. With a tangy flavor, it can be used instead of salt or lemon, helping the digestion of meats while lowering cholesterol!!

We Offer a variety of drinks which makes it very suitable for younger patrons’. To name a few, we offer Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Apple Juice, Orange, Mango, Cherry, and Pineapple Juice and many more! The very famous Pomegranate wine (High Anti Oxidant, Dry & Semi Sweet) is served along with our collections of Italian, French, Australian, Lebanese, & Californian wines.

Persia Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. We have Belly dancing on Saturday night, and offer lunch specials under $8.00. When you walk out of our restaurant you will have something to talk about and you can be confident that you have got all your daily Nutrition, Proteins, Vitamins and Anti Oxidants.

"Come and enjoy a meal with your family in an unforgettable atmosphere filled with music and Hospitality."


The Persia Restaurant was established in 2004, originally known as Naima Restaurant, it has been acquired by Homayoun and Mandana Daryani who also own the International Market Mom & Pops Deli. The only Persian - Middle Eastern market in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Meet the Business Owner:

Homayoun Daryani and wife Mandana Daryani own and operate Persian Restaurant. Mandana is a licensed cook and baker from Iran and Homayoun holds a degree in Engineering Design and Technical drafting and has dedicated himself to the food industry since 2004. This team brings to the Santa Clarita Valley a fusion of authentic flavors and wonderfully delectable tastes of IRAN for your palates enjoyment.

Meet Hubert the Gourmet Pooch:

You won't ever see him in the dining areas, but Hubert is our much loved canine assistant and watch dog. When we first brought him to the premises, he would lie in the back pantry on some old blankets that were used to insulate the rear door. Although he never complained, he never seemed comfortable on that blanket and constantly changed positions. One of our dog loving customers suggested we buy him a real dog bed and gave us the name of a retailer that specialized in comfortable round dog beds that are easy to care for. Hubert finally has a comfy round dog bed he loves - there are evenings when he never leaves that bed except when we take him home at the end of our kitchen duties. If you would like to say hello, ask to meet Hubert and we'll be happy to introduce you. He's a very friendly pooch who loves attention!




Lunch Menu


Mon-Fri 10:30am to 3:30pm

23. Koobideh Kabob $7.95
One skewer of fine minced beef broiled over open fire served with saffron steamed basmati rice and barbecued tomato
24. Chicken Koobideh $7.95
One skewer of fine minced chicken broiled over open fire served with saffron steamed basmati rice and barbecued tomato
25. Koobideh kabob wrap $7.95
One skewer of fine minced beef broiled over open fire wrapped in lavash bread salad and barbecued tomato
26. Chicken koobideh wrap $7.95
One skewer of fine minced chicken broiled over open fire, wrapped in lavash bread salad and barbecued tomato
27. Boneless chicken kabob (halal avail.) $8.95
Marinated diced boneless breast of chicken charbroiled served with saffron steamed basmati rice and barbecued tomato
28. Cornish Chicken Kabob $11.95
Portions of marinated whole of Cornish hen skewered charbroiled over open fire served with barbecued tomato and saffron steamed basmati rice
29. Zereshk Polo with Chicken $11.95
Bonless chicken kabob served with the sweet and & sour barberry (zereshk) and saffron steamed basmati rice
30. Salmon Kabob $11.95
Marinated Salmon barbecued with a hint of olive oil, lemon juice, spice and garlic served with salad or saffron steamed basmati rice
31. Shish Kabob $10.95
Chunks of marinated beef tenderloins charbroiled over open fire, served with
32. Stew Dishes $7.95
A choice of Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheymeh, or Fesenjan ($8.50), served with saffron steamed basmati rice

BUSINESS & GROUP LUNCH SPECIALS Enjoy our delicious dishes for your next Business Meeting or your next Group gathering. Our Lunch Special is also available for catering. Contact us for more details


Dinner Menu

(Surved any time with your choice of soup or salad)


Fish and Poultry

33. Salmon kabob $16.95
Fresh marinated Salmon grilled with a hint of olive oil, lemon juice, spice and barbecued tomato served with saffron steamed basmati rice
34. Chicken Barg Kabob $15.95
Skewered and pounded breasts of chicken broiled and served with saffron steamed basmati rice and barbecued tomato
35. Chicken Koobideh $11.95
Two skewers of fine minced chicken broiled over open fire served with saffron steamed basmati rice and barbecued tomato
36. Chicken Soltani $18.95
Combination of Chicken Barg Kabob and Chicken Koobideh
37. Cornish Chicken Kabob $14.95
Portions of marinated whole of Cornish hen skewered charbroiled over open fire served with barbecued tomato and saffron steamed basmati rice
38. Boneless Chicken Kabob (halal avail.) $12.95
Marinated diced boneless breast of chicken charbroiled served with Saffron steamed basmati rice and barbecued tomato
39. Zereshk Polo with Chicken $15.95
Boneless chicken kabob served with the sweet and sour barberry and saffron steamed basmati rice

Beef and Lamb

40. Barg Kabob $18.95
Heart of tenderloin marinated, charbroiled served with Saffron steamed basmati rice and barbecued tomato
41. Koobideh Kabob $11.95
Two skewers of fine minced beef broiled over open fire served with Saffron steamed basmati rice and barbecued tomato
42. Lamb Kabob (Halal) $22.95
Charbroiled fillet of lamb with grilled onion, green pepper and tomato, served with Saffron steamed basmati rice
43. Shish Kabob $15.95
Chunks of marinated beef tenderloins charbroiled over open fire, served with Grilled onion, bell pepper, tomato and saffron steamed basmati rice
44. Soltani Kabob $21.95
Combination of Barg Kabob and Koobideh Kabob

You may substitute the Basmati rice with any of the side orders listed below for an extra charge:

* Zereshk Polo (Barberry Rice) $3.00
* Albaloo Polo (Sour Cherry Rice) $2.00
* Loobia Polo (Green Beans and meat) $3.00
* Baghale Polo (Lima Beans) $2.00

Stew Dishes

45. Ghormeh Sabzi (halal) $10.95
Stewed chunks of beef and fresh herbs, cooked with red kidney beans, dry lime served with saffron steamed basmati rice
46. Gheymeh $10.95
Chunks of beef and split peas cooked together in tomato sauce, served with saffron steamed basmati rice
47. Gheymeh Bademjan $11.95
Combination of Gheymeh and Bademjan (Italian eggplant)
48. Fesenjan $11.95
Chunks of chicken fillet cooked together in pomegranate paste and crushed walnuts, served with saffron steamed basmati rice


Chef's Specials

  49. **NEW** Rack of lamb (Lamb Chubs) $24.95
50. Baghale Polo with lamb shank (halal) $15.95
Lamb shank cooked to perfection in tomato sauce with herbs and onions, served with Baghale Polo (saffron steamed basmati rice seasoned with dill and lima beans)
51. Albalou Polo $14.95
Sour cherries cooked with special sweet sour sauce served with saffron steamed basmati rice and Boneless chicken kabob
52. Lobia polo $14.95
Fried and cooked chunks of beef tenderloin and green beans in tomato sauce prepared with saffron steamed basmati rice and side of beef koobideh kabob(2 skewers)

Combinations (for two or three people)

One skewer of shish kabob, bonless chicken kabob,kobideh & chicken kobideh.Served with saffron basmati rice & barbecued vegtables.
Combination of Gheymeh, Ghormeh sabzi & Fesenjan.Served with saffron basmati rice.

Side Dishes

* Steamed Basmati Rice $3.95
* Skewer of Koobideh Kabob $3.50
* Zereshk Polo (Barberry) $6.95
* Baghali polo(lima beans) $5.95
* Skewer of Cornish Chicken $10.00
* Albalou Polo (Sour Cherry) $5.95
* Skewer of Boneless Chicken $8.00
* Loobia Polo (Green Beans) $6.95
* Skewer of Shish Kabob $12.00
* Stew Dishes only(khoresht) $7.50
* Skewer of Barg Kabob $15.00
* Shirazi salad $5.95
* Green Salad $4.95
* Skewer of Chicken Barg $11.00


Vegetarian Dishes

* Vegetable Kabob $10.95
One skewer of grilled vegetables (zucchini, Italian eggplant, green bell pepper, onion & tomato Served with lima bean & dill rice
* Falafel plate $9.95
Served with tabouli or shirazi &turnip; pickles & hummus


19. Koobideh Kabob Wrap $7.95
One skewer of fine minced beef broiled over open fire wrapped in lavash bread salad and barbecued tomato
20. Chicken Koobideh Wrap $7.95
One skewer of fine minced chicken broiled over open fire wrapped in lavash bread salad and barbecued tomato
21. Boneless Chicken Wrap $8.95
Marinated diced boneless breast of chicken charbroiled wrapped in lavash bread salad and barbecued tomato
22. Shish Kabob Wrap $10.95
Chunks of marinated beef tenderloins wrapped in lavash bread salad and barbecued tomato



Bruce L. / CA, CA
4.0 star rating
Another nice review for Persia Restaurant. The lunch specials are a great deal and the quality is excellent. I enjoyed the tadigh and stew and my wife loved her chicken barg. The restaurant is very clean and much nicer than it appears from the outside.


TopCat W. / San Francisco, CA
3.0 star rating
We liked the beef koobideh the best and the rice was very good too. The Ghormeh Sabzi was okay and so was the eggplant dip.  Unfortunately, the beef barg was over cooked, so it was a bit dry. The service was adequate.


J J./  Valencia, CA
4.0 star rating
children & I went after church, dinner... YUM, plenty of yummiest...  everyone enjoyed the meal... i had the steak and children the ground beef, both YUM! my only request pita or lavash w/ hummus...


Christine A. / Granada Hills, CA
4.0 star rating

Came for New Years Eve dinner, and I was surprised that the place was empty. There was only one other table. We were greeted promptly at the door, and seated right away.

Appetizers (sorry my spelling will be off) - Kaske bademjan - roasted eggplant and garlic, goes great with their lavash bread. This was my absolute favorite. Doleh - served warm, very flavorful.

Dinner - Beef soltani - comes with grilled filet and lule, grilled ground beef. The were both packed with flavor and very reminiscent of my favorite Persian restaurant in Glendale, Raffi's Place. Comes with a side of basmati rice. Cooked perfectly


Sam R. / Los Angeles, CA
4.0 star rating

My GF and I came here at the recommendation of a friend and it turned out to be good advice! 
The restaurant was relaxing and perfectly suited for a couple's night out, but I saw they had group seating for larger parties.  Very nice ambiance. 

We started with a light and refreshing Sabzi.  It was really flavorful and I would definitely order it again.

I went for the tried and true Boneless Chicken Kabob since this was my first time here (don't want to venture into other dishes if they don't get THIS right!).  I've learned to judge restaurants by their rice and Persia did not disappoint: really good.  The chicken was juicy and full of flavor, which seems like that should be common, but it's not.
My GF ordered the Ghormeh Sabzi and she really enjoyed it.  If you're into tomatoe-based sauces and flavors on the tart side (pomegranate), then definitely give it a shot. 

Anyway, it was a good dining experience and we will definitely come again!  Glad to find another good restaurant in Santa Clarita.  Definitely give them a try!



Monique T. / San Francisco, CA
5.0 star rating
LOVE this place!
Definitely one of the top 3 best restaurants in all of SCV. If you're a local and have yet to try Persia, you are seriously missing out.

The food is so flavorful, fresh, and just downright amazing. I have never left disappointed. It is locally owned and the staff is incredibly friendly!

BEST thing about Persia is the $9.99 "all you can eat" lunch buffet. It was what initially drew me in, and I have been obsessed ever since!

Thankfully, they recently opened up another location closer to me in the Newhall area that also doubles as a hookah bar. Now I can conveniently get my Persia fix just down the street from home.

Everything about this place is great, dine here ASAP!


Michele R. / Eagle, ID
4.0 star rating

"Are you related to the owner?" I asked our gracious server as she cleared the table at the end of our dinner.

"No", she said wistfully.  "I am related to the food."

That comment put in context her passion for the food and her enthusiastic recommendations for us on a night when we were the only customers in Persia Restaurant during the ninety minutes we enjoyed a leisurely dinner there.  We were surprised this place didn't have a line of people waiting for tables.

Don't let the setting in an aging strip mall or the "all you can eat lunch buffet" sign outside discourage you.  Inside the doors of this restaurant you'll find fabulous  food at fair prices, gracious service, a jewel-box elegant interior and background music perfectly paired to the setting. 

This was one of the most enchanting dining experiences of recent memory.  It was certainly one of the best meals of a recent month long vacation.

The menu is authentic for foods of Iran and some items, like Fesenjan which is one of our favorite dishes, are not easily found elsewhere.

We started with the appetizer combination so we could try several of them.  It included four excellent dishes, tahini rich hummous, mast-o-klar (yogurt, cucumbers and dry mint), the best parsley laden tabouleh we have ever had, and an excellent traditional Persian potato salad which was a dish new to us. (Note: There is a little container of sumac - one of our favorite tart spices - on every table and a little of this sprinkled on the hummous and potato salad both is a wonderful add.)

My husband had Fesenjan, made with chicken here although we have also had it made with lamb.  A pomegranate, walnut braising sauce with shredded chicken and served with saffron basmati, it was lick the plate good.

The Albaloo Polo, a traditional sour cherry rice, that came with my dinner was outstanding.  I am on the hunt for a recipe to try to recreate it at home given the roughly twelve hour drive from my front door to the restaurant makes it impossible for me to go in again and again, as I would like to, to eat this dish there.

A WINE TIP: try the pomegranate wine!  It comes both semi sweet and dry.  I ordered a glass of the dry  wine but with our server's encouragement tasted both types first.  She said her favorite way to enjoy this wine was blending the two together.  I took her advice and had her blend it for me.  It was wonderful, the restaurant imports it and I have never seen it anywhere else. 

A ENTERTAINMENT TIP: We hear the restaurant has belly dancing as entertainment on Saturday nights.  How you feel about that may influence which night of the week - they are open seven days - you dine there.

ACCESSIBILITY TIP: :  Although level in this is a small place and tightly spaced tables may make wheelchair seating challenging - but possible.  In fact it is the tight table space that leads me to four and not five stars here.

A COUPON  TIP: Although we didn't see it before our visit, I noticed today that Persia is offering a heck of a good deal Yelp coupon right now.  If you live in the area or plan to visit Santa Clarita soon, we highly recommend Persia restaurant and the coupon deal makes this the perfect time to do that!


Dimple- LudMilla B. F. / Melrose, Los Angeles, CA
4.0 star rating

Barg kabob, koobideh kabob or get both, the soltani kabob. When I don't feel like cooking for the family, I order here & my kids are jumping for joy they love it so much. Free delivery too!  I love their saffron rice and the Dolmeh appetizers are great starters.  Live music Thursday nights.
$9 all u can eat lunch you like them apples?!  Boom!


Jordan S. /Valencia, CA
4.0 star rating
Went on a Saturday night with some good friends, and we all had fun watching the dancer prance around the restaurant. We all got free drinks which was a plus.

Food was great, and it was reasonable with the price points considering that you get a shit ton of food for what you pay. Deserts were strange, but they were nice.

Service was on point. They were great in every way I like. They weren't completely up your ass, yet they weren't distant. Never had to ask for refills, silverware, or any other dinnerware necessities. 

Few things I found very odd: the dancer wasn't even Persian, nor was she even doing Persian dances. Maybe I'm strange, but I would figure that a Persian restaurant would have Persian dancers?

Also, I know that this place is big on the hookah lounge in the back, but the place was absolutely empty on a Saturday night. I just figure a place like this would be packed late night on a Saturday.

The night I went, it was suppose to be an "80s" night. So 80s inspired drinks and music were suppose to be dominant. The "DJ" was actually just someone who worked at the place, and she was eating before hand with a group. She played modern techno and trance music off a CD that was placed inside her Macbook. She was pretending to twist knobs on her soundboard. I'm a very observant woman, and I immediately knew she was faking it. Every 5th song was an 80s-going-on-90s hit. The music wasn't bad at all, so it was rather enjoyable and extremely humorous at the same time. I just thought it was very odd! I also don't think that have studio lights and lasers that mimic a rave is very 80s like also. LOL.

Bottom line: this place is a perfect place to go on a weekend night when you're too lazy to go to a club, but still want to enjoy good music, have some good food, good drinks, and fun without "going all out". Bring some friends, have a drink or two, and enjoy yourselves with the fun atmosphere. Enjoy the hookah lounge if your into it aswell.

It's weird, but it's a good weird. Parking is a bitch though.